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Volunteering Group


We meet regularly on the 2nd weekend of every month.  During months of faster growth and increased storms, Trail Maintenance days will be scheduled at more frequent intervals.  To find out the exact date of the next Trail Maintenance day, please fill out the Volunteer Registration form below.

Volunteers should come to the park prepared to spend a few hours in a forest type environment.  We recommend wearing a long sleeve shirt, steel toe boots, landscaping gloves and eye protection such as sunglasses.  Additionally, we strongly recommend mosquito repellent.

Trail workers will be assigned to a work crew based on skill level and amount of work needed to be completed.  On a typical maintenance day, a crew will be assigned to one single trail.  All volunteers will stick together until the trail is fully cleared before moving onto the next trail.


Meeting Location for work crews is at the Trail Head Parking Lot.

The trail maintenance staging area is located on the west side of the park.

To register as a volunteer please fill out the form.

Note: Volunteers will need to register with Miami-Dade County Parks, Recreation, and Open Spaces Department.


Thanks for submitting!

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