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GOAL #1 - maintain a fully ride able trail system year-round.


Primary Goals - LANDSCAPING

  • Clear grass and vegetation from both sides of trail.

  • Cut and trim low branches, face slappers and encroaching bushes.

  • Chainsaw sections of trees which have dropped below the tree canopy and pose a hazard to riders.

Secondary Goals - REPAIRS

  • Trail repair such as filling holes due to rain and standing water damage.

  • Creating water drainage routes such as culverts, water bars or others.

  • Light trail corrections such as degenerated berms, sand pits, over-widened trails and exposed roots or carpet.

  • Signage and trail direction management.

Tertiary Goals - IMPROVEMENTS

  • Renewal of berms up to optimal height.

  • Resurface run-ups, doubles and tabletop profiles for smoother jumps and landings.

  • Expansion of adaptive trails to accommodate less skilled riders.

  • Addition of B-Lines to expand inclusion of novice riders.

  • Earth moving operations to refresh large trail sections which have degenerated significantly overtime.

  • Extensive rebuilds to improve quality of trails.


  • Skills area including items such as Skinnies, Teeter Totters, Pump Track, Bridges and other Trail Attractions.

  • Jump Lines for Intermediate and Advanced Riders.

  • Rock Gardens in strategic locations.


  • Purchase of landscaping equipment such as trimmers  and hedgers.

  • Purchase of a heavy duty walk-behind brush cutter machine.

  • Rental of Earth Moving equipment such as half-tracks, gators and muck trucks.

  • Purchase of Earth Moving equipment such as half-tracks, gators and muck trucks..


In addition to the items listed above we also plan on lobbying the park and the proper decision makers to bring the following items to fruition, though we cannot make any guarantees as they require major funds to be allocated.

  • Permanent restroom facilities.

  • Extended paved parking Lot.

  • Theft deterrents such as security cameras.

  • Increased security patrols or permanent parking lot security officer.

notice regarding trail repairs

While we appreciate the enthusiasm and passion our trail riders have for this park, we respectfully ask that all trail repairs and enhancements are routed through ATBC. 

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